Bonnie Josephson New York in B&W


“Immediately taken by this remarkable city, I would go out often in the early morning hours, documenting it’s beauty. The morning hours are magical for me.”  Bonnie Josephson

City Streets

Snow Cones, Lower East Side


Union Square Park

St. Marks Place

Ice Cream Truck

Mew York City


St.Marks Place

Doorway N.Y.C.

  South Street Seaport


American born Bonnie Josephson has been a working photographer in the United States and Europe since 1985. She has had exhibitions of her work in galleries in Paris, Amsterdam, California, and New York.

Bonnie has traveled extensively to California, New York, France, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and Holland,  taking photographs, whether it be people in their environments or landscapes.

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  1. Bascha Mon says:

    This is an excellent compilation. Your video and poem Tova begin by being mesmerizing and soon draw us into the mess that is taking over our world. The story of the mother is heartbreaking although her bravery rescues some. I could feel the clammy cold on my skin as they waited Almost too late she realized YES IT COULD HAPPEN THERE Bascha Mon

  2. Linda Goldman says:

    Bonnie, your work is gorgeous. I do love the door in particular. You capture a certain melancholy in your photographs that touches me.

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