Regina Silvers paints the Granny Peace Brigade – a group of senior peace activist….

Anne Gullbjørg Digranes uses hand held camera to record events in her town, Bergen, Norway.

Ruty Benjamini creates female nude figurines, she models figures that are asymmetrical……….

Gaia Regards Her Children ………. a video made to a poem by Alicia Ostriker

The morning hours are magical…..

“Etelka Böhm waxed the wooden floor exasperatedly.”…… a story of one woman’s courage and triumph in trying times.

..from ‘Plenty’ – a collection of observational snapshots and images representing everyday life and commodification of culture…

Lush and delicate installations from handmade paper …..

In my fourth year of dancing and not dancing the often-joyous and sometimes deeply disappointing Argentine tango…….

Film by Lynne Sachs to Paolo Javier’s poem “Starfish Aorta Colossus”.

Lorna Green works consist public art/environmental projects, …..

Caged in doubt she is sitting on the fence,……..

A voyage into surrealism, traversing photojournalism and observations of the human condition

A humorous attempt at feminist appropriation of male-attribued images.

The aroma of coffee, the hum of Dixieland jazz and the babel of conversations washed over the devil as he opened the door…

A journey through an old house by way of a mirror……..

The potters of Kalabougou are the women of the village. They mine the clay,…

A couple therapist suggested we go to Alanon. I had never heard of it, nor had my husband, Jim. We are a long-married…..

The parallel lives of the movie director,Bonnie Dennis, and her subject, Margaret Holloway, a drug addict homeless person.

Building layer upon layer of colors and shapes, Nancy Hagood creates powerful multilayered abstract paintings where borders are obfuscated and forms merge.

Ellen Denuto captures memories, discarded objects that were damaged or forgotten and the magic of the moment.

A video-poem ‘Homeopathy’ by Lori H. Ersolmaz, based on a poem by Nina Corwin.

Two seemingly unrelated stories, an unlikely encounter with a prisoner and the the origin of her name, are beautifully woven together by Vasu Varadhan.

Putting embroidery at front and center, Daniella Meller is linked to a long line of feminist artists who sought to elevate “women’s crafts” into an artistic expression of female experience.

Nancy Azara carves, assembles and paints wood, often with gold and silver leaf and encaustic…..

I see my mother in the corridor… A poem by Edna Shochat

A writer and a filmmaker, Gwendolyn Audrey Foster is an eco-feminist; she asks the viewer to contemplate the apocalyptic horror of worldwide environmental destruction.

Karen Bell has been exploring natural curiosities, photographed, gathered and brought back to her studio where they got incorporated into her life and often into images.

Liliana Orbach’s video ‘The Rhythm of a Mind’ portrays thoughts of a woman during her sleepless night. One eight of the video compilation entitled “The music of the night” inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Goldberg Variations”.

Susan Schwalb utilizes an ancient technique that dates back to the Renaissance; Silverpoint is a method of drawing with a piece of silver on a prepared surface.

ON THE OTHER SIDE is a video-poem by Tova Beck-Friedman. It lays bare the essence of a woman’s vanishing youth; her aging process is irrevocable revealing a deeply fragile and touching reality.

Mexican photographer, Yolanda Andrade examines Mexico’s still life and night scenes.

‘The Limit’ is a short poetic prose by Roberta Rhodes

A poem by Natalie H. Rogers, psychotherapist, actress and poet who explores the effects of the aging process upon women .

Marion Held is a figurative sculptor, but instead of depicting the body in a literal sense , she is interested in its representation as a metaphor. Her representations of the body evoke a sensual as well as an ephemeral aura.