Susan Grabel

Confluence CCC-CFL001, 27×37 in, collagraph collage cutout, 2014

Susan Grabel has always been engaged with the political and social narratives of the world around her. The latest series, Confluence, comes out of deep concern for the survival of our species and planet – an expression of hope, of coming together and embracing differences.

Confluence collage CC-CFL102, 28.5 x 22.25 in, collagraph collage, 2015

Women Without Borders CCC-WWB001, 31×28 in, collagraph collage cutout, 2015


Confluence CCC-CFL003, 32×27 in, collagraph collage cutout, 2015


Confluence DF-CFL109, 87 x 67 x 12 in, wood, 2016


Confluence DF-CFL107, 53 x 83 x .6 in, wood, 2016


Confluence CCC-CFL002, 24 x 26.25 in, Collagraph collage cutout, 2015


Confluence DF-CFL106, 50 x 37 in x .1 in, wood, 2016

Confluence collage CC-CFL100, 24.5 x 20 in, collagraph collage, 2011


Confluence DF-CFL110, 29 x 18  x 3.25 in, wood, 2017



Susan Grabel’s figurative sculpture and prints on social and political themes have been exhibited in solo and group shows at galleries, universities and museums across the country for the past forty years. Her work was included in such important surveys of sculpture as “In Three Dimensions: Women Sculptors of the ‘90’s” curated by Charlotte Streifer Rubinstein at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Staten Island, 1995 and “Sculpture of the 70’s: the Figure” at Pratt Manhattan Center, NYC in 1981. Ms. Grabel has received numerous grants from Staten Island Arts including an Original Works Award and an Excellence in Art Award and a Jentel Artists Residency Fellowship.


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