Su Friedrich Queen Takes Pawn

A journey through an old house by way of a mirror, a child’s storybook, and some images from days gone by. Or a journey through some old images by way of a house. Or both.


Su Friedrich has directed twenty-three films and videos since 1978, which have been featured in eighteen retrospectives at major museums and film festivals, including one at the Museum of Modern Art in 2007. The films have been widely screened at film festivals, universities and art centers, have been extensively written about, and have won numerous awards, including Grand Prix for Sink or Swim at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Her DVD collection is distributed by Outcast Films. She teaches video production at Princeton University.

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  1. Beautiful, Su! I love all your work.

    Anybody reading should really check out Su Friedrich’s amazing personal and experimental auto-ethnographies. They are so beautiful and completely original. Su is not only one of the greatest LGBTQ+ filmmakers, she is one of the greatest experimental filmmakers, hands down.

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