Ruty Benjamini Personal Journey

Thames Beach Girls; clay, oxides, glaze & bricks

Ruty Benjamini creates female nude figurines, “They come to my fingers intuitively from memory of women seen or drawn, and my own body lived in and seen in the mirror”.  Using clay as her chosen medium, she models female figures that are asymmetrical, organic and evocative of ancient history. They are beautiful but not conventionally pretty – their imperfections are perfect.  Her surfaces emulate the visual qualities of objects revealed in archaeological digs, or washed to shore by the sea.  Each figure whether sits slump or reclined, has a different tale to tell.

Reclining Figurine (old) – 9.5x13x7cm- clay, oxide

Reclining Figurine (young)- about 16cm- clay, oxides

figurine On The Edgeclay, oxides, glaze, wood, 22cm W 13cm D 9cm

 Reclining Figurine (young) back view- about 16cm- clay, oxides

Sitting Figurine; clay, oxides, glaze 

Thames Beach Lady- clay, oxide, old washed out brick

  Sitting Figurine- clay, oxides

Kneeling Figurine- clay, oxide, glaze- 12.5x11x6.5cm

Thames Beach Lady- clay, oxide, old washed out brick


Ruty Benjamini is an Israeli born artist living and working in London, UK.  She studied ceramics at Camberwell College of Art, London, and has exhibited her artwork in UK, Europe and Israel, she has also participated in international ceramic Symposiums in Israel, Poland and Belarus.   Benjamini is a member Skylark Galleries –  artists run galleries on London South Bank.

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