Regina Silvers The Granny Peace Brigade

 “Mothers Day Raging Grannies,” 24″ x 36″ Pastel on paper

The Granny Peace Brigade is a group of senior peace activists- from various groups- who joined together 10  years ago after being arrested (tried and acquitted) for demonstrating at the army recruitment station in Times Sq. Regina Silvers has been documenting the feisty Grannies since then, photographing and drawing as well as marching with them, to combine my aesthetic and social concerns in one project.

The resulting Granny Peace Brigade paintings bear witness to the power of social activism, and pay homage to these and other courageous citizens who exemplify democracy in action – as they say, “Democracy is not a spectator sport”.


“Don’t Iraq Iran Rally”, Acrylic on paper, 30″ x 42”

Acrylic on paper, 24″ x 48”

                            “July 4th, Reading the Constitution”, oil on primed paper 32″ x 48”


                                                   “NBC protest”, 38″ x 50″ Acrylic and pastel


                                                        ” Peace March”  Acrylic on paper, 32″x 42”


                                                   “The Grannies at Times SQ”, Oil on primed paper, 30″ x 50”


                                                    “Mothers Day In the Park,” acrylic on paper, 26″ x 48″


                                                                      ” In the Park”,  acrylic 40″ x 58″


                                                         “Singing for Peace,”  Acrylic on paper  24″ x 42”


Originally a New York City art teacher, Regina Silvers has been involved with fine art for her whole adult life.  Her career includes gallery director, curator, art consultant, jewelry designer, museum publicity/advertising manager, and always, practicing artist.

She was a founder and President of TOAST, the TriBeCa Open Artist Studio Tour (2000 to 2010), and co-founder and Director of the Gallery at Hastings-on-Hudson (1976-84).

Silvers has maintained a studio in TriBeCa, NYC for more than 20 years and, until recently, a studio in Woodstock, NY.

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  1. Ann Shirazi says:

    Congratulations, Regina ! Thank you for sharing your vision on canvas and for immortalizing the GPB and Raging Grannies!

  2. Nydia Leaf says:

    Wonderful work – you somehow manage to convey aging bodies together with the youthful energy of activists. So great to have it captured by you ! Thank you.

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