On the Other Side

by Tova Beck-Friedman


Based on a poem by Natalie H. Rogers, the film interweaves voice, animation and music to lay bare the essence of a woman’s vanishing youth; her aging process is irrevocable revealing a deeply fragile and touching reality.

Tova Beck-Friedman is an artist,  filmmaker, curator and writer. Her work have been shown internationally in festivals, museums, galleries and on television.  AT THE ALTAR OF HER MEMORIES was broadcast on Israeli Television and A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS AN OLD(ER) WOMAN on PBS stations. The film DON’T ASK won first prize on Reel/13  and was broadcast on NY Thirteen/WNET.
Beck-Friedman is the founder and creative director of The Pythians and the  curator of the on-going series of Short Experimental Documentaries, screening at the Anthology Film Archive, NYC.

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  1. Aviva Nouni says:

    A beautiful and profound expression of art. Accurately and wisely captured me, my all senses, into a magical atmosphere of the idea of aging. A most sensitive and impressive work of art.

  2. Shake' Topalian says:

    Wow, thank you Tova and Natalie. Beautiful as it deeply describes my experience . I was deeply touched by the film and the poem.

  3. Gwendolyn Audrey Foster says:

    What a beautiful impressionist and expressionist work of art – a celebration of life in all its seasons. Poetic, inspired, and inspirational, this is a film that explores the questions of mortality, the human spirit, and life itself. Masterful work!
    –Best, Gwendolyn

  4. Ruty Benjamini says:

    Touching, haunting and very beautiful! I love the interpretation of the poem by the 3 very different readers, and it works very well with the beautiful film and imagery

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