Lori Goodman Lush Installtions


Red Room:  thousand of red pieces – leaves, feather – made of hemp, flax, kozo, yucca, and pampas grass. 

Lori Goodman creates lush and delicate installations from handmade paper, kozo, flax, hemp, and some local plants.  Living in Northern California she embarked of paper-making about 30 years ago.


She  cooks and beat the plant by hand to produce a long shinny pulp that she turns into paper. The paper is then stretched over an armature of bamboo, reed or wire.


Marsh Box, Hanging Grass/kelp, 30′ x 60′

Marsh Box, installation detail

A dwelling of Pink, 14′ in diameter x 9’H

Repeats,   Floating Pods, size variable

In The Center with Floating Pods,  36″ x 36″ x 3″ 

At Bay, Grass and Blobs

The Wall, 12′ x 15′

From the Outside In – Accessibility,  site specific installation, 40′ x 120′ vacant lot on the main street of Sumter, South Carolina


Lori Goodman lives and works in Northern California.  she earned a Bachelor of Arts, from Los Angeles State University and a Master of Arts degree in Sculpture from Humboldt State University. Goodman’s original love of weaving lead her to paper-making.  She taught textile and fiber arts classes at various universities and displayed her work professionally in New York, California and Oregon as well as internationally in Switzerland, Belize, West Africa and Greece.


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