Liliana Orbach

The Rhythm of a Mind

The wondering thoughts of a woman during her sleepless night. One eight of the video compilation entitled “The music of the night” inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” musical composition.

Lyrics: Mark Daniel Cohen

Voice: Donna Abraham

Performance: Meirav Kadichevski

Liliana Orbach is an interdisciplinary artist, independent curator, lecturer, coordinator of international art related projects and events.  Born in Argentina, she lives and works in Tel Aviv. Israel.

Recently completed her PhD in Arts at the Multimedia Department of the Poznan Art University, Poland, she works in collaboration with artists, writers, musicians and performers in a variety of art related projects.  Liliana has participated in many national and international art related events and also has been invited to curate video art programs and deliver lectures at museums and universities. 

More works from the artist can be found  here.


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