Gaia Regards Her Children a video-poem by Tova Beck-Friedman

Made to a poem by Alicia Ostriker and read by Duvall O’steen:

after all I have done for them
is the term that springs to mind
yet I continue to generate
abundance which they continue to waste
they expect me to go on giving forever
they don’t believe anything I say
with my
wet green
hot mouth


Tova Beck-Friedman is an artist,  filmmaker, curator and writer. Her work have been shown internationally in festivals, museums, galleries and on television.  Beck-Friedman is the founder and creative director of The Pythians and the  curator of the on-going series of Short Experimental Documentaries, screening at the Anthology Film Archive, NYC.

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  1. Edna Shochat says:

    Tova, now more than ever your work is a gift that helps us hold on to sanity while the world around us is losing it.
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heavy heart.

  2. Sari Grossman says:

    Thanks for this beautiful peace of art with the so important reminder for all of us, citizens of the Earth Planet.


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