Daniella Meller Yearning; an artist’s homage to her mother.


MOTHER, 2012  Embroidery on Tunisian blanket, 200cm x 95cm

Like many women of her generation, Meller is well-versed in sewing and embroidery.  Born in Tunisia, she spent her early school years at the French school for girls, where like all girls of her generation, she was taught these “feminine crafts”.

When she turned nine, Daniella and her family emigrated from Tunisia to Israel, settling in a desert town in the southern periphery of the country.  She studied nursing, got married, attended art school, but always took solace in sewing and embroidery — activities that connected her to her mother and the women in her family.

Meller, who defines herself as a multimedia artist, combines various art techniques: collage, photography, drawing,  painting, printing, sewing and embroidery.  Imbued with yearning for her mother, Meller puts embroidery at front and center, and in doing so is linked to a long line of feminist artists who sought to elevate “women’s crafts” into an artistic expression of female experience.


CHILDHOOD MEMORIES #3, 2006 Etching and embroidery on paper, 25cm x 25cm


VEIL, 2008, Mezzotint etching and embroidery on paper, 25cm x 25cm


CHILDHOOD MEMORIES #2, 20006 Etching on paper with embroidery on gauze 25cm x 25cm

vברקוד 3

BARCODE, 2011 Acrylic paint and embroidery on canvas, 100cm x 70cm 


GENERATION, 2015 Collage and embroidery on fabric, 95cm x 85cm


MY SHADOW, 2014, Oil paint and embroidery on canvas, 28cm x 24cm


GENERATION (detail), 2015 Collage and embroidery on fabric

vתאונה ילדה ופרח copy

THE CAR ACCIDENT, THE LITTLE GIRL AND A FLOWER, 2012, Acrylic paint and embroidery on canvas, 110cm x 90cm


GENERATION (detail) 2015, Collage and embroidery on fabric

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  1. Gwendolyn Audrey Foster says:

    Your work is very moving and makes me think of my Mother and Grandmother. Really amazing!

    Warm Regards;
    Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

  2. Edna Shochat says:

    Your images evoke sentiments and scenes from our shared past. What a lovely way to connect with childhood memories, in our mind they never fade. Thank you, Daniella.
    Edna Shochat

    • daniella meller says:

      Thank you my dear cousine Sarah . I got much inspiration from our grandmother and my mother I am so thankfull for that !!!!

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