Carmela Tal Baron On the fence


Caged in doubt she is sitting on the fence,

as a way of self defense. Winning time, she is

sitting on the fence, weighing odds and ends.

Losing time when caged in thoughts that

should be laid to rest, forgetting what she

ought to remember. When in doubt, sitting

on the defense as a way of self – preservation,

away from friendly fire, stray bullets

and other distractions born out of fear.

She lies in doubt breathing in and out.

Filling her rib cage with air of renewed

aspirations, until it turns transparent;

Now she can “see” where Frida

Kahlo was coming from when she declared:

“The wings of imagination – useless,

if the heart is a cage.” Yet, her poet’s

heart is resonating more with Rene

Magritte’s painting The Therapist –

Displaying an open-closed torso-cage

with a pair of white birds, going in

and out, in and out, in


Carmela Tal Baron, an award-winning author, poet, songwriter recording artist and video maker, whose background is in visual arts, architected drafting, illustration, 2d and 3D design.  

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  1. Congratulations Tova for the new publication Thanks for choosing to post the above photo displaying my recent wonderful collaboration with innovative pianist and teacher Kimball Gallagher playing variations on “Rain Drops” a prelude by Chopin along with “On The Fence” a poem I wrote in Woodstock last fall. Pondering about Gandhi’s dilemma and his NoViolence approach that kept him On the Fence for some time during the war of liberation in India. This association resonated with my own struggle and prayers for Peace in the Middle East

  2. Edna Shochat says:

    Your choice of words hit home: “away from friendly fire” – “friendly fire” has always struck me as a painful oxymoron.
    (Small world that it is, our paths may have crossed in early/mid 1960s at Bezalel.)

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