Angeline JoVan Images of Women

Sister Rose

Angeline JoVan aims her camera at women across age, race and ethnic divide, focusing on her favorite subjects: Glorious Women – women as the embodiment of strength and wisdom.


Painting Day


Color Of Growth


Mothers Love


Martha Redbone


Listen For the Pause


Fill Your Soul


Buffy Sainte-Marie


Big Drum Love


She’s Got Drums



Growing up in California, Angeline JoVan’s first camera was her grandmothers Brownie – only allowed to be used under strict supervision. Bitten early by the photo bug she found herself in the local college photography department, where she reveled in all things photographic. Graduating with a degree in Fine Arts/Photography, the future was rosy. Then catastrophe – she lost everything in a house fire – cameras, negatives, prints – including any motivation to reassemble her life as a photographer. She became a corporate citizen for 30 years, far from the world of art.

35 years later in 2011, Angeline picked up a camera again.  Since then she travels extensively gathering images; everything is a photo waiting to be taken.

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  1. Wayne stocks says:

    Stunning work By Angeline every picture is perfect & good for you starting over looks like your making up for lost time glad to be a friend of FB good luck & much love your way x

  2. Gayle Goetz says:

    When a picture can touch your soul, that’s beyond excellence – It’s Angelic !
    Angeline your camera does more than capture a moment in time.
    It’s as if your heart is sharing living & life !
    Thank you for being you !

  3. Gene C. Mathers says:

    Some say the heart and sole of a camera is the Image Sensor . As far as the camera goes, this may be true. But, the heart and sole of a photograph comes straight from the heart of the photographer.
    As Gale says, your heart shares living & life. In turn then this is shared through your camera into a beautiful photograph.
    Your love for photography is contagious and I have been infected big time.
    Thank you.

  4. Carol Broghammer says:

    Have known Angeline for over 30 years – personally and professionally. She was and is a woman who is most introspective. Her personna shines through in everything she does. Beautiful person! Beautiful woman!

  5. What a thriling shock these photos are.The clarity ,the expression the alivness and unselfconsciousness of of the subjects.
    How they must have trusted you.

    I am in awe of you Angeline.

    Thank you
    And thank you Tova for making it possible for me to have this experience .

    • Natalie – thank you beyond words – reading your words was difficult but Wonderful! I say “difficult” as my belief in my own work is only now becoming comfortable- due to support such as yours!! Thank you – your words keep me going!

  6. Angeline

    ,I looked at each one of your photos very caefully,eager to see the names you had chosen. Names like very brief poems.Then I swooned into a place near the soul of each one of your subjects. The images are a part of me now . The ravashing color,more real than life itself .
    You made this possibe ANGELINE



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